These are another kind of blinds that we’re sure you have seen many times! And with good reason too.

These style of blinds are extremely practical and easy to control and customize to suit your privacy and light needs. They are modern and fit seamlessly into most spaces giving it an elegant and modern look.

Vertical blinds are cloth panels that are attached to a sliding track at the top and controlled by a plastic wand or chain. While the construction of these blinds appears simple, they are meant to provide complete control over privacy and light in every situation. Vertical blinds may provide a solution for covering bigger areas since its structure allows for increased surface coverage and simpler operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Increase insulation + save money on your power bills
  • Increase light control
  • Conceal hardware underneath
  • Frame your windows
  • Corner window? No problem! Our angled pelmets are designed for corner or bay windows.